Parentage Testimonials

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Client Testimonials – Parentage

“Dear [Team]

I’ve been meaning to send a little note to thank you all for your help with my case.

When I first came to you almost 3 years ago – I was a mess. Emotionally I could barely keep it together, physically I’ve lost 40 lbs., and the person I was before [my ex] has long since been devoured by grief, heartbreak, and betrayal. Through all of this ordeal I so appreciate your compassion and understanding for me as a parent, your knowledge of the law, and the many hours you spent with me and my case. From the very beginning I felt I was in the best hands possible. Each one of you brings something different to the table, and it made a well-rounded team: with Michele’s warmth and compassion; Eva’s expertise and tell it like it is style; and Jill’s late night calls going over testimony and questions. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. You have seen me at my lowest point in my life and you had the patience and caring to guide me through it.

…. I thank you sincerely for helping me get to this point. I appreciate all of you and your wonderful individual qualities that make the Zavos Juncker Law Group.”  – Parentage Client


“Michele Zavos is an extraordinary person and a phenomenal attorney. My (former) partner and I ended our relationship after 16 years and we had a three-year old son. She was the biological mom so adopting after our separation would prove to be a challenge. As we endured obstacles in the process, Michele and her team researched alternative approaches to overcome those barriers. Michele was compassionate, persistent, and creative in her approach to my unique case. She treated my adoption as if it were her own child at stake. Without Michele’s expertise and perseverance, I would not have legal rights to my son. I am forever grateful.” – P.P


“When my [male] partner first wanted to adopt my son (conceived through super modern technology and without another dad) we were told that the process would be a rough one. Fortunately, a friend recommended Michele and she made it easy. Where other lawyers I described our situation to said “explain this once more slowly” she immediately understood the nuances of our situation and came up with a clear, economical and rapid plan to let my partner adopt. We didn’t trust till it was over that it would be as easy as she said, but it was. It was even positive and affirmed our family!” – A.F.


“Watching Michele and Eva litigate our case was like watching 2 professional dancers in action. They were prepared, calm and strong and very in touch with each other. They play to each other’s strengths. Leading up to the trial they asked a lot of questions and considered many approaches and options. They also answered a lot of questions and always did so almost immediately. Things changed quickly and they adapted quickly every single time.” – David