LGBT Issues Testimonials

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Client Testimonials – LGBT Issues

“Michele Zavos in an invaluable legal resource in our community, I have had the benefit of working with Michele on both my personal needs – second parent adoption – and as a resource for my clients. Her work is consistently excellent, and her knowledge of family law, especially as pertains to LGBT family law, is deep and broad. Because she has decades of experience, and been hands-on through the dizzying legislative changes regarding LGBT law, her knowledge is second to none. Her documents are clearly written, and hit all the points I look for as a financial adviser seeking good estate planning for my clients, straight or gay. I have found her judgment to be very trustworthy because of the depth of her experience, and I tell my clients – just do what Michele tells you!” -F.


“We first found out Alex couldn’t adopt our child when we were 3 months pregnant. We had no idea how hard it would be given that we are a same sex couple living in Virginia. We called 5 different law agencies. After speaking with four different ones, we were beyond frustrated and feeling defeated. Every person said something a little different and we never felt fully confident that they would be able to help protect our family’s rights. We called the Zavos Junker law group last. We spoke with Timothy and he was extremely helpful. Sensing we were very distraught, he was very sympathetic, patient and best of all helpful. We spoke with Michele the very same day. She told us, ‘I am not the cheapest lawyer nor am I the most expensive but I know my job.’ We were sold. She is worth every penny. We could not have asked for anything more from our entire experience with this group, which we have worked with on several occasions. The staff is extremely friendly and accommodating, her assistant Timothy is very timely with his responses, the office is extremely well managed and most of all Michele knows the law! She was able to answer every one of our questions and help us to do the best we could to prepare for our daughter’s arrival. If we had not gone to her, we would never have known to deliver in DC so that Alex could eventually do a second-parent adoption. Her group fought for several years to help pass a court order to allow such adoptions in VA as long as certain criteria were met. We made sure to follow all of her recommendations and we are so happy that we did. Three weeks ago Alex was able to adopt our 18 month old daughter in DC which is legally recognized in VA. We didn’t have to move, which we were planning to do. We cannot thank Michele and her staff enough. They were perfect from the first phone call through our adoption hearing. We would recommend them (and have!) to anyone we care about. Thank you all so much!!” -A. and A.


“I highly recommend Michele Zavos and her team. We turned to Michele Zavos to represent us in our second-parent adoptions and to prepare our wills, powers of attorney and other legal documents. She and her team were extraordinarily helpful. They answered all our questions quickly, accommodated our schedule, fielded our panicked call from the hospital when there was a glitch with the birth certificate, and solved the underlying bureaucratic problems. She kept us posted on changes in the law and then made the process of adoption go smoothly. Michele’s passion for her work has helped shape the law, and her kindness makes her clients feel like friends.” -G.


“Michele and her team have been extremely helpful and supportive of our family. We’ve worked with her and the law group through two infant adoptions and established estate planning documents. As a gay family our circumstances were a bit different (before the overturning of DOMA) than others, so special considerations needed to be taken. Michele was extremely helpful, KNOWLEDGEABLE, and provided us with some needed education along the way.”


“One thing that I admire about Michele is that she is actively engaged in the changing/creating of family laws and not just practicing law. Her active participation and legal analyses in this area makes her that much more experienced and credible to benefit the Firm’s clients. “-E.


“Michele and her responsive, smart, energetic, caring team helped me and my family navigate the waters of domestic partnership, wills and medical power of attorney and adoption with expert skill, unwavering patient persistence and professionalism. The adoption, in particular, showed us just how lucky we were to have found Michele Zavos. Her passion for justice and for legal protection for families and for gay families specifically is inspiring. We knew that, if there was a way to provide our family legal protection in a state (Virginia) that goes out of its way to deny such protection Michele would find it…or create it. I am proud and relieved to say that my son and his two moms are a family that is now recognized nationwide because of Michele’s groundbreaking work in the District of Columbia court system on our behalf. I don’t know why you would work with anyone else if you’re serious about getting the best advice and advocacy for yourself or your family. Thank you, Michele!!” -L.


“If you need an expert on LGBT issues, call Michele! My partner and I hired Michele to assist us with a second parent adoption in Washington, DC. She impressed us with her expertise on all things adoption, but also on other legal issues facing same-sex couples. Her services are reasonably-priced, and the rest of her staff was great, too. Highly recommend!” -C.