Divorce & Dissolution Testimonials

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Client Testimonials – Divorce & Dissolution

“Eva is sharp, talented, dedicated, experienced and cares about her clients. I have referred Eva to perhaps two dozen clients and friends, and everyone has been pleased with her representation.” – James E. McNair


“I can’t thank you enough for all of the hard work you and your firm put into my case. Over a year and a half ago when we first sat down to talk about the case you said “These cases have a way of taking over people’s lives” you were very right. The media can be everything from overwhelming to a vindictive mistress. However, thanks to you, I always felt supported. You did a great job of keeping in contact and letting me know what was happening with the hearing. You also answered my questions, no matter how trivial, promptly. I am so glad I decided to go through with the appeal regardless of the outcome, and even more thrilled that I had the privilege of having you as my lawyer.” – Jessica Port


“Working with Lynette was a seamless, professional, and pleasant experience. After having put off addressing the preparation of a prenuptial agreement longer than my (now) husband and I should have, Lynette was able to work efficiently to help us through the negotiation and execution of an agreement with which we were both happy, which is no easy feat. She was incredibly responsive and pleasant to work with”


“I was pleased with the service I received at the Zavos Juncker Law Firm. My lawyer, Eva Juncker and her team, stayed with me over the long and unpleasant process of divorce. If Eva is not able to respond, she has a very capable team who does. Legal processes are so difficult and stressful , but it helps to know that you have hired someone knowledgeable and first rate at what they do. I have recommended them to friends who have also been very pleased with their services.” -Jan


“Lynette was the attorney on my divorce case and did an amazing job getting what was just and fair. She was attentive to my needs, listened to my concerns, and handled everything professionally, and cost-effectively. Where I would have divorced my husband and not received a dime, Lynette helped steer my case in the right direction and secure what was rightfully mine. I could not have survived my divorce without her expertise and guidance! Lynette is a very proficient, professional attorney!”


“Michele Zavos and her team are incredible. Michele made sure I was the one that set the terms of the mediated dissolution of my D.C. domestic partnership. My former partner and I did it amicably, and – yes – at times it was painful. Michele’s guidance, however, was invaluable. She knows the legal issues involved, knows the people that are part of the process, and knows how to ensure you are protected by the legal issues that you may, or may not, know. She is the best attorney/advocate that I have ever come into contact with regarding the interests of clients, as well as the intricacies of the laws that serve and protect us.”


“Michele Zavos represented me in the dissolution of my domestic partnership in the fall of 2009. To those reading this who are going through now what I went through then, I hardly need say that that time was harrowing. What I do need to say is that you deserve an attorney whose conception of counsel includes compassion. Michele took me into her care with a degree of personal solicitousness that is rare. With candor, sensitivity, and respect, she briefed me on my legal standing, and then promptly provided me with a roadmap out of the financial entanglements accumulated over the years of my relationship. I should add that she anticipated, and moved to head off, real estate and mortgage pitfalls that the opposing counsel never registered. Her tireless agitation on my behalf overcame what might have otherwise been months of delay, and achieved a very satisfactory settlement agreement. But none of this conveys what I really want to say-that, by these acts, I knew she saw me as a person who hurt and needed to move on, and that she would see me through it. Michele was recommended to me as the best, and she is.” – J.F.


“Lynette has handled multiple cases for me (divorce, child support, modifications, mediation, custody, etc) over the last 4 years. Every single time, we were fully successful. She is incredibly competent, always prepared, kind and sympathetic during difficult times, conservative but not risk averse — and the best choice I could have made. She walked me through everything and took care of our family. Highly recommend Lynette!”


“I can’t thank you enough for all you have done. I also truly appreciate you working with me. I know you could have withheld services from me a long time ago. Thank you for your leniency. I want nothing more than to pay off what I owe, because you and your firm have been AMAZING.”


“Lynette helped me deal with emotions and focus on long term goals in a complex divorce that involved a mix of assets, as well as young children. In the end Lynette got the outcome I wanted and saved me money.”


“Lynette is a fighter. Before she took over my divorce case, I was losing money and it looked like I was gonna lose the case. But, not only did she help me win property and custody, but she also did it in a way that is cost-effective for me.”


“Lynette represented me in my family law matters and divorce matters. I would like to commend Lynette on her tradecraft and professionalism. Lynette was very instrumental in keeping a clear perspective on matters involving custody, even when dealing with the opposing party’s irrational claims and actions.”