Adoption Testimonials

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Client Testimonials – Adoption

“Thank you all for helping us complete our adoption process, and for doing it so quickly to have it done before I need surgery. That is a huge relief! Thank you also for the books you included with the Final Order of Adoption – so sweet! Our daughter loves Boynton books!” – Adoption Client

“We met Michele Zavos very early in our journey to become parents and adopt our son, and we knew immediately that she was the attorney for us. She is knowledgeable, caring, and honest. There is no finer expert on same-sex adoption than Michele, and that is not only my wonderfully biased opinion but it’s also true. Michele paved the way for so many, she knows the legal issues frontward and backward, and she’s well-connected. We had confidence in our adoption process because we knew Michele would be able to navigate any hurdle that may have been placed in front of us. Fortunately, our legal process was an easy one thanks in large part to Michele. We did, however, experience some bumps along the way, all non-legal issues, and Michele was there to support us and go “above and beyond” her role as our attorney. She has an amazing ethic of care when it comes to her clients (and our children). She’s not just a lawyer-she’s an important part of every family whose journey led them to her office.” – B.W.

“My husband and I contacted Michele to help us through the private adoption of our daughter. Michele and her staff made everything, that seemed so complicated and worrisome, so simple and exciting. It was truly the best experience and one we love to share with people, especially when you mostly hear horror stories about adoption. Michele and her staff made our dreams come true; she helped us attain what we thought was unattainable…the most precious gift…a child. We are forever grateful.”

“Although the adoption of my son was long and difficult, Michele Zavos made it possible for me to endure by providing great legal advice and emotional support. I truly believe that Michele enjoys bringing families together, and that she really cares about her clients. I clearly remember having a meeting at Michele’s home to discuss specifics about my case, and her saying to me, “Don’t worry. Let me do the worrying”. At that moment, I really began to trust her and knew that she had “my back”. Based on the quality of work that Michele brought to my case, I would definitely refer her to anyone in need of legal services for adoption.” – R.S.

“Michele and her team assisted my family with the domestic adoption of our son. She also drafted our donor insemination agreement, living wills, power of attorney, and wills. In addition she drafted living wills, power of attorney, and wills for my parents. She is thoughtful, comprehensive, VERY knowledgeable, and capable. I met Michele in 1999 when she did a workshop on wills. I was so impressed that I kept all of my notes and her business card for 4 years and consulted her when we started our process to grow our family. In the end she was instrumental in moving our adoption through the court process when we ran into a roadblock. Her paralegal staff, Michel Callahan, is also wonderful. He kept us informed and checked-in to make sure that the process was moving. I rarely give an individual or organization high ratings in every area, but I just can’t say enough great things about the Zavos Juncker Law Group.”

“My advice to anyone seeking to adopt, ESPECIALLY if doing so under complicated circumstances, is to hire Michele Zavos and her team at the Zavos Juncker Law Group. My husband and I encountered numerous obstacles in the process of adopting from India and time and time again, Michele and her colleagues found a way to overcome them. They are both “street smart” and very sophisticated in their abilities to navigate the legal system and advise their clients on how best to proceed. Their success, we suspect, is due in part to their credibility within the legal community, their energy and passion in service of their clients, and their abilities to analyze a problem and come up with a solution.”

“We owe a BIG thanks to Tim Compton (senior paralegal) who is, without a doubt, one of the most persistent and determined people on the planet. Mammoth bureaucracy? indifferent and slow-moving court personnel we encountered along the way?? Putty in the hands of Tim.” -M.V. and M.K.

“Michele was very highly recommended to us and lived up to her reputation. She was knowledgeable, warm, caring, and considerate throughout the process of obtaining a D.C. adoption decree for our Chinese-born daughter. We, too, will highly recommend Michele to others in need of these, and other, services, and would definitely choose Michele again.”

“Michele came highly recommended to us by my sister and her partner who had worked with her on their second parent adoptions. My partner and I had started our second parent adoption with Michele when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Michele met with us on a Sunday afternoon, on very short notice, to draw up needed legal documents that would protect us, as a same gender couple, as much as possible before surgery. She was amazingly sensitive and supportive and we were able to go into surgery confident that we were as legally protected as possible. Even though our adoption took a rather long time (our issues, not Michele’s), Michele maintained contact and systematically removed every roadblock we faced. Not only are Michele’s legal expertise awesome, but it is so evident that she is passionate about protecting families and children. We felt like that Michele really cared about our family through the whole process as opposed to someone who just does their job. We would definitely use Michele’s services again and highly recommend her!” – L. & A.

“Michele is a superb attorney: professional, current on the law, knowledgeable of her primary area of her practice, completely familiar with the courts and the judges, efficient, responsive to her client’s questions and concerns, and simply a kind and wonderful person to work with. My partner and I domesticated our international adoption and did our second-parent adoption through Michele and the competence that Michele and her firm showed was in stark contrast to the last few years of working with a foreign government and court system. It was a relief to finally feel that we could simply put our affairs in Michele’s hands and everything would be fine and our adoption would be quickly and easily granted. Further, I am a lawyer myself (in another practice area) and am very choosy when it comes to hiring other lawyers – Michele was excellent to work with and I will certainly hire her again when I need assistance in my estate planning.”

“Michele and her team were instrumental with our adoption! We were feeling frustrated and defeated in our journey to have a child. After one visit with Michele we were optimistic and excited. She pointed us in the right direction and was there for us when we needed her. We are extremely grateful to her and all of her staff. We can’t recommend the Zavos Juncker Law Group enough!!!” -L. & L.

“Michele Zavos and her group have helped me with two adoptions in the last 2 years. The day I met Michele she was returning from a long trip and agreed to meet on a Saturday morning. When I walked in to her office she made me feel so welcome. I was treated as if I was a valued friend she had just welcomed into her home. The entire staff were friendly, professional and knowledgeable of adoption law. I was always kept me well informed and happy to say both adoptions have been completed successfully. Thank you Michele and team. You truly are a blessing.” -J.

“Michele is a very knowledgeable lawyer. She thoroughly explained all the steps required to do the second parent adoption. She and her staff were always very responsive to questions. The overall environment in the office is very professional. I’m now the legal father of a beautiful girl thanks to Michele!”

“My partner of 20 years and I each needed second-parent adoptions for our two children. Having known Michele for years in the DC community, we of course hired her to make it happen. Michele did a fantastic job…providing us with all of the information we needed and making the process look simple and routine. There were no glitches. Her knowledge of the local court personnel, their obvious respect for her, and her meticulous preparation of the numerous documents were the basis of a very smooth and worry-free process. We continue to recommend Michele to anyone who needs an adoption, as well as anyone who needs the equally important necessity of wills and powers of attorney. Michele can do it all!”

“Michele has handled two second-parent adoptions for us, our wills, and other documents to guarantee our rights as a same-sex couple. She was prepared at every turn and knew exactly what to do and when to do it. She will be helping us with a third adoption and it means the world to us to be completely confident in her abilities.”

“We used Michele recently to represent the birth-mother of the baby we adopted. We found her to be sensitive, caring and highly competent. There was much drama involved in this adoption at the last minute and Michele navigated some difficult situations extremely quickly and successfully. As a same sex couple we have had a rough time in the world of adoption. We have faced a great deal of prejudice and have had difficulty obtaining information that pertains to gay adoption. Meeting Michele changed all of that. In just a few hours we learned more from her than all of the professionals combined that we’ve worked with in a two year period. She was absolutely wonderful with our 19 yr. old birth-mom and we are so grateful to her and her staff for making her feel well protected and cared for. I could go on and on but for me the best thing I experienced with Michele Zavos is that she made us all feel safe in an anxiety filled time and she did it with grace. She is the best!”

“Last Friday was made possible only due to our fortune of knowing you. My husband and I cannot express the amount of joy and happiness that you have helped to bring to our lives by linking us to our daughter. I can speak for the both of us when I say we could have never known the amount of joy being a parent and what she could bring us. We feel so fortunate and complete now that she is in our lives. You will always be so very special to us and be part of our daughter’s story that I know she will hear and tell her whole life.”

“Our son was originally adopted as a single parent adoption, as same sex parents cannot adopt in the territory where we resided at the time of his birth. We are comforted that we are now both legally protected as to our relationship with our son. More importantly, we are a completed family, thanks to Michele Zavos. The second parent adoption was seamless and quick. Michele walked us through the process and made sure we understood everything every step of the way. We would recommend her services to anyone (and we have)!”

“We have 3 sons who joined our family through adoption. Michele Zavos and her incredible team were there for us each step of the way. Each child’s adoption was very different from the next and things were really complicated at times to put it mildly. Michele is always on top of things and makes sure she is making the right plan based on the latest information. She is very reassuring and explains the process as it happens. We could not have chosen a better attorney than Michele Zavos and it has been wonderful having her stand next to us 3 times as the judge finalized our sons’ adoptions. Michele is dedicated and has shown us countless times just how deeply she cares about our family.”

“Michele is clearly experienced in this field, which was shown by her thorough, efficient, and confident manner in getting our step-parent adoption finalized. We were already a complete family, but Michele Zavos made it legally official, and we thank her.” – J. D. and T. D.

“We are very happy with Michele Zavos. She made the adoption of our Daughter easier than we anticipated. Our dream of becoming a family has finally become reality. We feel that it would not have happened so fast and easy without the help of Michele. She was very professional yet she made you feel like a friend and that our family was very important to her, for that we are very thankful.”

“Thanks again, Michele.”

– D.,B., & A.

“Two happy dads.”

“Michele is highly competent in her field of practice, and quickly demonstrated that fact from beginning to end. She thoroughly explained the process to us, apprised us of the available options, promptly drafted the required filings, and followed through in a very professional manner.”

“Michele is completely knowledgeable and trustworthy. She is a dedicated advocate, particularly for families like my own who often are not otherwise fully protected by the law. Michele represented us through two adoptions, prepared our wills, powers of attorney and other legal documents to protect our family. I have referred countless friends and colleagues to Michele, and all have been similarly satisfied with her work.”

“Everyone Was Wonderful, Professional And Handled My Case As If It Was Top Priority. Answered All My Questions With Kindness And No Judgment.” -S.

“Working with Michele was an extremely pleasant and fruitful experience. Not only does she understand adoption laws inside and out (in our case, specifically regarding re-adoption of an infant already adopted from Guatemala), but she is very efficient and kind. We liked her so much we entrusted her with our wills and other key family legal documents. We highly recommend Michele without reservations!” – B.H. & A.M.