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Three-Parent Legal Relationships

Michele Zavos has been successful in obtaining a three-parent permanent custodial order in the District of Columbia, as well as a three-parent Judgment of Parentage and court order that a three-parent birth certificate be issued by the District of Columbia.

In re: Z.R.

Eva N. Juncker litigated this case in which Judge Cheryl Long, a trial court judge on the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, ruled that a deceased man’s emails gave his foster family authority over the disposition of his remains, against the wishes of his biological family. Learn More

Port v. Cowan

Michele represented Jessica Port in a divorce case in which the Maryland Court of Appeals, Maryland’s highest court, found that Maryland must recognize valid out-of-jurisdiction marriages of same-sex couples. This decision pre-dated the passage of marriage equality in Maryland by almost a year. Learn More

D.C. Common Law Marriage Case

Eva litigated a case of first impression in the District of Columbia in which she obtained a decision that common-law marriage is available to same-sex couples in the District of Columbia as of March 3, 2010, the date that D.C. passed marriage equality.

Davenport v. Little-Bowser

Michele played a major role in this litigation that resulted in a Virginia Supreme Court decision that the Commonwealth of Virginia was required to place two same-sex legal parents on a child’s birth certificate. Learn More

D.C. Divorce Statute

Michele was instrumental in helping to amend the D.C. Code to allow same-sex couples married in D.C. who are unable to divorce in their home jurisdictions to return to D.C. to obtain a divorce. Learn More

D.C. Parentage Act Amendments

Michele proposed an amendment to D.C.’s adoption laws, enacted into law, that gives the Superior Court of the District of Columbia jurisdiction to grant an adoption based solely on the birth of the child in the District. Learn More

Social Security Benefits Case

We argued this precedent-setting case in front of a Social Security Administration (SSA) Judge. The decision established that a posthumously-born child, conceived after the death of the child’s father, is eligible for child’s benefits, and the child’s mother is eligible for mother’s benefits. The intestacy laws of the District of Columbia and the relevant statutes on parentage in effect prior to the D.C. Parentage Act of July 18, 2009, provided the basis of the decision. The legal standard is from the unanimous Supreme Court decision Astrue v. Capato which held that state law determines eligibility for SSA benefits for posthumously-conceived children. SSA had previously twice denied the mother’s claim.