What Are the Different Ways You Can Adopt?

Adoption Attorneys in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.Just recently, Australia made a monumental decision to legalize same-sex marriages. While they are still a few years behind the United States, the LGBT rights movement has been sweeping the globe. As more and more same-sex couples begin lives together, they often desire to get married and adopt children. Luckily, there are many different ways that these couples can bring a child into their family.

Adoption Options for Same-Sex Couples

One of the most common types of adoptions is facilitated through adoption agencies. These public or private agencies are usually regulated by the state. Adoption agencies typically house children who are under the state’s authority due to abandonment, abuse, or orphanage. Independent adoptions, on the other hand, do not involve agencies but are a direct arrangement between the adoptive parents and the birth parents.

Sometimes an intermediary, like an experienced attorney, will help facilitate independent adoptions. Identified adoptions blend together these options. The birth parents and adopting parents usually make an agreement beforehand and then ask an adoption agency to help with the legal aspects of adoption.

International adoptions occur when parents want to adopt a child who is a citizen of a foreign country. A stepparent can also adopt their stepchildren with the consent of a birth parent. Same-sex couples are legally allowed to adopt, and these adoptions are becoming easier as same-sex couples are afforded more rights.

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