What is legal custody of a child?

What is legal custody of a child? Legal custody of a child refers to the legal arrangements for how major decisions about a child will be made.  The major decisions that fall under legal custody deal with a child’s education, health/welfare, and religion. However, not all decisions touching these topics are legal custody decisions.  For […] Read More

Presumed Parentage for Same-Sex Couples

Presumed Parentage for Same-Sex Couples By: Michele Zavos, Partner & Rebekah DeHaven, Associate Zavos Juncker Law Group, PLLC [NB: This article is in response to an article on Presumed Parentage published in the Summer issue of this newsletter.] Given the dizzying changes to the rights and responsibilities of same-sex couples over the past ten years, […] Read More

Virginia Protective Orders in Cases of Family Abuse

Virginia Protective Orders in Cases of Family Abuse What is a family abuse protective order? Protective orders are issued by a court to protect adults and/or children from, among other things, acts of family abuse.  Pursuant to Virginia Code §16.1-228, “‘family abuse” means any act involving violence, force, or threat that results in bodily injury […] Read More

Diversity Equals Patriotism

Diversity Equals Patriotism – From Brown v. Board of Education to Obergefell v. Hodges by the Hon. D. Eugene Cheek and Eva N. Juncker with assistance from Rebekah DeHaven Arguably, the foundation for the American-specific connection between diversity and patriotism is squarely etched into the preamble of our nation’s most preeminent founding document. The preamble […] Read More

Learn from Aretha!

Apparently Aretha Franklin, who had an estate worth $80 million, died without writing a Last Will and Testament. But, since she did not write her own Will, the State of Michigan, where I assume she resided, wrote it for her. And everyone in Michigan who did not proactively write their own Will gets the same […] Read More