LGBT Family Law

The ZAVOS JUNCKER LAW GROUP, PLLC has more than 60 years of combined experience representing members of the LGBT community.

Our experience covers all issues related to LGBT families and individuals in practice areas of:

Creative Solutions To LGBT Family Law Issues

Working as a team, we approach client problems with creative, outside-the-box solutions like changing laws and supporting clients who choose to resolve legal issues through mediation or collaborative law. We are also prepared to pursue litigation of contested legal issues if our clients' interests are best served by that approach.

Our attorneys have been pioneers in developing legal protections for families in the LGBT community. Long before same-sex marriage was an option, we were crafting laws and legal precedents that gave family members important rights. Because of our experience in this area of law, lawyers and judges often turn to us for advice and training.

Transgender Law

In addition to our divorce and family law services, we have helped clients obtain the correct gender identity on identification documents such as driver's licenses and birth certificates.

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