Experienced Help With Surrogacy And Egg/Sperm Donor Agreements (ART)

Legal representation offered by ZAVOS JUNCKER LAW GROUP, PLLC is as proactive and progressive as the technology that has revolutionized techniques of reproduction in the 21st century. Our attorneys are experienced in all legal matters related to assisted reproductive technology (ART), including surrogacy and egg/embryo/sperm donor agreements.

Our extensive experience in this area of law is yet another example of our lawyers' commitment to family law for a changing world. If you are seeking the services of a surrogate, or are considering using an egg/embryo/sperm donor or an embryo donation, we can help ensure you have all of the legal documents in place to protect your rights.


Michele Zavos was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys, and has represented many clients who choose to bring children into their families through surrogacy arrangements. She has ongoing relationships with surrogacy agencies, fertility centers and egg donation agencies, and consults with clients on how best to pursue a gestational surrogacy.

We can prepare and review gestational carrier agreements, review contracts with surrogacy agencies, and seek pre-birth and post-birth orders so that intended parents will have legal rights to their child as quickly as possible.

Our Firm is experienced in all matters related to assisted reproductive technology, including advising clients of the legal aspects of ART, recommending surrogacy agencies, obtaining pre- and post-birth orders, and assisting foreign nationals pursuing surrogacy in the United States.

We have worked with clients from all over the United States, Europe, India and other countries as they pursue having children through surrogacy. Many of our clients are French couples who work with us to arrange for surrogacy in the U.S. We also represent members of the Deaf community, providing interpreters free of charge.

Egg/Sperm Donor Agreements

We recommend that anyone intending to use an egg/embryo/sperm donor or obtain an embryo in order to grow a family prepare a contract that sets out all of the agreements reached between the parties, including rights to confidentiality, disclosure of identities, payments, parental rights, court orders, and any other agreements that affect legal relationships to the child. We are experienced in advising clients of the legal issues raised by this path to parenthood, and drafting and reviewing egg donor, sperm donor and embryo donation agreements.

Caring, Creative, Comprehensive Representation

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